School Environs

Here is our parish church. It is situated just across from the school. Fr Pat Lynch is our priest. It is here that many of our pupils received the sacrament of Baptism. They will receive the sacraments of First Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation here too before they leave Holy Family school. Children from fifth and sixth classes serve mass here daily and also are part of the children’s choir.

This photograph shows a section of the playground. The wall mural was painted by pupils under the guidance of Ambrose Tully sponsored by the school completion programme.

This shows some of the surface markings on the yard.

It is here that pupils meet their friends and siblings.

The wall mural shows images of traditional dancers and musicians.

Tubbercurry is steeped in a rich tradition of music, dance and drama. Situated on the square in town, are metal sculptures of dancers and musicians.

There is also an engraved stone which is a memorial to great musicians of the past. Each year Tubbercurry holds a summer school for lessons in traditional music, dance and singing. People come from all over the world to attend. This tradition is also nurtured in our school.

This photograph shows Teach Laighne. It is a one stop shop for many council services such as the library, motor taxation, social welfare offices, citizen information, health and safety and environmental services. Many workshops for groups of school children are held here …storytelling, author visits, poetry reading, wildlife ranger, environmental science and art