First Green Flag

Last year in Summer 2008, Holy Family NS was awarded the first Green Flag for our work and dedication to reducing, reusing and recycling. This year, we are working towards achieving the next Green Flag for our efforts in the awareness of energy conservation and the application of same in the school.


Holy Family NS, formerly St Mary’s NS and St Joseph’s Boys’ NS has a lengthy involvement in multiple areas of physical educational activities. At the core of this activity is the belief that a healthy body is synonymous with a healthy mind. Children of all ages are involved in these activities both in school and after school. At present, the school offers Gaelic football,

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Website Launch Day

On Friday, April 3rd, we had a very important day in school. All the staff and children had an assembly in the hall for a variety of presentations to take place. Here are some of the events of that day: Official Launch of our school website and demonstration of some of the site to all the pupils Presentation to winners of the photographic competition

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Sponsored by “AIB Better Ireland Award” funds Cookery is now underway each Thursday…..the first week brought us pancakes. The pupils at the homework club got lucky as the pancakes were shared out – with a choice of sauce of course! We have Irish Stew to look forward to as well as home-made vegetable soup and spaghetti with meatballs. There will be a booklet for

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Welcome to our page about Autumn.


We were learning all about different types of home. We enjoyed building houses with building blocks.

Hedgehog visit

Mikaela brought a pet to school today. We were all happy to meet him. He is getting ready for his winter sleep. Enjoy the pictures…

Nature Walk

Look at where we went! Ms Coyne and Mr Cawley took us on a nature walk. We were looking at all the signs of Spring.

3d shapes

We are learning about 3d shapes. We enjoyed printing with lots of different 3d shapes.  

Recycling Centre

Our class went out for a walk on the best day of the year so far. It was very sunny and warm! Ms Brennan, Mr Cawley and Karen went with us. We got to see how to sort our rubbish so it can all be recycled. We even got to see a skip exchange which was interesting to watch.