Recycling Centre

Our class went out for a walk on the best day of the year so far. It was very sunny and warm! Ms Brennan, Mr Cawley and Karen went with us. We got to see how to sort our rubbish so it can all be recycled. We even got to see a skip exchange which was interesting to watch.



Puppet Show

Lisa Daniels came to talk to us about how important it is to conserve water. We created a puppet show and had great fun and learned a lot.

Second Class Photo

First Class Photo

Third class photo

Autumn Art – Third & Second Class


Welcome to the webpages for Ms Conlon’s class. Throughout the year, we will add some photos to show the nice work we have been doing. Enjoy! Take a look at our stars who welcome you at the door!


One of the experiments we did this term was dissolving various materials in water. Firstly we were trying to find out which materials dissolved the fastest. The second part of the dissolving experiment was to count how many stirs it would take for granulated sugar, icing sugar, brown sugar and caster sugar, before they would all dissolve in water. We also took note that

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